Bank of China

Bank of China

Bank of China

Bank of China

7 weeks.  350 sqm.  
4 levels. 20 sub-contractors.

The perfect match

Quality workmanship delivered in record time.


Fitout Construction

When the Bank of China opened their first Queensland branch in Queen Street, Focus Fitout Specialists worked in partnership with Smith Madden Group to deliver a superb high-quality fitout. In just seven weeks, Focus stripped out the existing internals of the space and refurbished four levels, meeting the exacting standards demanded by the bank.

The fitout included major upgrades to mechanical and electrical services, the refurbishment of all amenities and the construction of mezzanine floors. Client specifications required that workmanship and all materials matched the Bank of China’s Perth branch exactly. Focus worked alongside Smith Madden to ensure a precise replication was carried out.

Fitout Logistics

Working to an extremely tight timeframe, Focus overcame particular
challenges on this project. There were security complications to take
into account, as well as logistical issues around the placement of heavy
bank equipment. The sourcing of specific materials to match the Perth
branch also meant there was little time to wait for overseas shipments,
and Focus managed to find reliable alternative suppliers who could
deliver quickly.

Faced with firm budget constraints, Focus' approach to negotiation was praised by the interior designer.
"The boys from Focus never said 'that can't be done'. They suggested clever ways to simplify the process in a way that didn’t compromise our design intent, or the impact of the fitout."
Rob Rose, Smith Madden

Fitout Connection

The central CBD location of the Bank of China branch meant Focus' work was put on display. Situated in the main entrance to a Queen Street building and next to a busy coffee shop, the public had a clear view of the operation. This didn’t faze Focus who welcomed the visibility. "We're proud of our quality workmanship, our staff and our handselected tradesmen."
Mark Glover, Focus

Focus formed a close connection with Smith Madden and the Bank of China to ensure exceptionally smooth project delivery. Their emphasis on communication and monitoring milestones was again validated as they managed to successfully meet design, timing and budget constraints.

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